The Sirius Sound

What is Sound Therapy?

Music is sound, and sound has its roots in vibration. Sound Therapy involves intentionally creating waves of harmonious sounds and tones that envelop and surround your body.

By using specific rhythms and frequencies, sound waves are also able to activate and unblock certain acupressure points of the body and meridians, helping to relieve chronic pain, heart disease, lower blood pressure, treat Alzheimer’s disease, and even women health issues.

Michele Chong uses different methods, instruments or sound tools to create different frequencies depending on a person’s particular needs. These vibrations affect different energy fields of the body’s biofield to balance a person’s life force.

Pain - What It Is & How It Can Be Mediated by Sound & Music

Pain is a vital function of the body that provides an early indication of damage or potential damage. Chronic pain often results from a series or combination of events that persist beyond the normal healing time of the tissue.

Sound Therapy can mediate pain because it is able to dilate local blood vessels which allows more oxygen to reach the site of the injury. This triggers local edema, which helps protect the injury and speed up the healing process.

In short, certain sound frequencies can dampen pain signals before they reach the brain. In addition, there have been many recent studies showing that low audio frequencies can be a form of vibration with analgesic effect. The right amount of low frequency audio waves releases nitric oxide in the blood, which plays a critical role in pain relief.

Pain can be mediated by Sound Therapy

Why should you consider an alternative to taking pain medication?

Most people look for temporary relief from their chronic pain, which can be achieved most quickly by taking analgesics (painkillers).

This is not a long-term solution because analgesics are often associated with some common side effects such as constipation, sleep disturbances, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal dysregulation, bone fractures due to osteoporosis, significant deterioration in health-related quality of life, and increased health care costs.

Are you experience the following?

  • Chronic pain for Nerve and Muscle
  • Migraine and headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • Women Health issues
  • Tinnitus
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • Supporting recovery for Severe Illnesses (Thyroid, lower respiratory, cancer, dementia, kidney disease)

This is the right session for you!

Program Offerings
Sound Therapy Session

1-to-1 Sound Therapy Session

Personalised consultation and Sound Therapy treatment to identify and unblock  your root cause of pain so that life can flow and grow again. In the 60mins session you will receive:

  • Full body diagnostic and blockage identification
  • Customised sound treatment to target root problem and accelerate the recovery journey
  • Professionally prescribed rehabilitation sound track
S$196 per session
S$495 for 3 sessions package
Michele Chong is conducting Sound Therapy at Suntec City Convention Hall Singapore

Restorative Sound Therapy Session

Take this sound Journey to a therapeutic destination for your mind, body and beyond to relax and recharge.

  • 60 mins session in a blissful group setting(Only limited to 12pax per class)
  • Discover and explore yourself with the immersion of sound and people around
  • Attain self awareness in finding balance, increased energy and calmness.
S$50 per session
S$132 for 3 sessions package

For corporate packages and partnership, please get in touch here.


Clients' Testimonials

I scheduled my session to have a session Michele due to my high stress issue by right. Unfortunately, just before the session I twisted my lower back while carrying my kid and could barely walk. Instead of telling Michele I could not come, she insisted I meet her even though I would be late and delay her next session.I would say that going to Michele was the right decision, even though the pain was killing me every step of the way. Amazingly, after the sound therapy session, my pain was 80% gone and I could even bend down! I am at a loss for words and I really thank you for Michele talking me into the session. She is more than a professional sound therapist!

I just love Michele Sound bath so much. I so wish I could live in Singapore. I attended Michele's private and group sound therapy sessions when she was here in Malaysia.
She is very knowledgeable and can explain in a detailed yet simple way to help us understand ourselves better. I am currently listening to her recording and each time I listen to it, I gain a new perspective and peace.

Thank you so much Michele.

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