The Sirius Sound

The power of mindfulness on sound

Do you know that any sound or music piece which you particularly like or dislike is associated with your physical, mental and emotional health?

Sound has a powerful impact on our lives and is all around us. Whether you are not a musician; you cannot run away from the fact that sound and music are always around you. Vibrational frequencies are constantly moving through our physical mind, body and bio-magnetic field which constantly go hand in hand with the movement of our brain waves.

When we bring mindfulness to all sounds, we shift our relationship from aversion to curiosity, which allows us to view negative impact from a different perspective. Being minful on sound helps to slow down the mind and restore your body to a balanced state; and restore the normal vibrational frequencies of the cells in the body.

Sound and music are more than just for entertainment; sound is a powerful tool for expression and communication; it provides a bridge between our bodies and the world we are in.

Mindfulness, sound and music therapy for mental health

How does Mindfulness, Sound and Music Therapy support Mental Health?

The practice of mindfulness is not only useful for mental clarity. It promotes the practice of non-judgment, increases resilience and emotional intelligence, while improving communication in every sector in your life.

Any sound can be the object of our attention in mindfulness practice. The pleasant or annoyance of the sounds comes not from the sounds themselves, but from our interpretation of them.

Besides, all your stress, tensions and depressive feelings will get washed away by through the practice. Both your emotional and physical trauma are dissolved, leaving you feeling alive and vital. It helps to increase your alertness and inner strength; to motivate you and give you a stronger sense of hope at work and in your personal life.

Areas where Minfulness of Sound can effectively work on:

Emotional issues like depression, anxiety or trauma.

The rise and fall in pitch and changing of sound dynamics help create stimulation in the body’s system, especially higher pitched sounds. The process of “frisson” results in the release of dopamine and endorphins which the body’s neurotransmitters associate with positive mood. For example, for a person with depression, it is important to create a gradual musical expectancy to uplift and energise him/her, in order to break the emotional cycle.

Mental wellness and clarity

Sound can alter our consciousness. Our consciousness levels will get altered when our brainwaves align with the alpha or theta state, which are the states where the healing process starts to get activated in the body via a sequence of sound techniques. We all experience different consciousness levels and these allow us to become more mindful and focused in our daily lives; or allow us to unconsciously tap into our intuition to guide us on the tasks we are working on.

Do you experience the following? This is the right session for you!

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Depression
  • High stress or burn out
  • Fear and phobia
  • Low self-esteem
  • Trauma
Program Offerings
Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Sound Meditation

(In Person or Via Virtual)

A powerful combination of a few techniques which deisgned by Michele that enables one to realise that one’s thoughts are ‘just thoughts’ that come and go in consciousness.

  • 60min 1-to-1 session combination of mindfulness meditation, clinical breathing exercise, sound bath and voice therapy
  • Learn to be mindful of yourself and others through knowledge of frequencies
  • Master how to manage your own emotions and mental clarity by knowing how to harness and maximise the power of your own brain waves
S$155 per session (Via Virtual)
S$196 per session (In Person)


Michele Chong is conducting Sound Therapy at Suntec City Convention Hall Singapore

Restorative Sound Therapy Session

(In Person session)

Take this sound Journey to a therapeutic destination for your mind, body and beyond to relax and recharge.

  • 60 mins session in a blissful group setting(Only limited to 12pax per class)
  • Discover and explore yourself with the immersion of sound and people around
  • Attain self awareness in finding balance, increased energy and calmness.
S$50 per session
S$132 for 3 sessions package

For corporate package and partnership, please get in touch here.

Clients' Testimonials

Having struggled with depression for a few years, I have never felt like I needed additional help or support due to the common social stigma tagged with "Depression". However, after stepping out of my comfort zone and my fears, I was recommended to Michele for a private consultation who was a very patient practitioner and understanding during our visits and used Sound Therapy on me. I was amazed at how much it could affect my body and my mood after a few sessions. I now practise Meditation every night and I now realise that coping with Depression starts from within.

"Lately I have been lost, especially for almost two months, where the only thought that crosses my mind is nothing but suicide. I was like mind, body, soul are not in one piece or say the best. A private session with Michele has improved my emotional struggles that I face alone. When I woke up the next morning, all I could feel was the energy of joy and happiness and energised. Instead, take 2 slots and let them and their wands do everything for you and all you have to do is just RELAX! hahaha! Because even if it's just ONE SLOT of Private Session you take, IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE! Well, it saved me!

Package Offerings

Life Changing Bundle (In Person)

$S 222
  • 2x Restorative Sound Therapy Session (In Person)
  • 1x 1-to-1 Mindfulness Sound Meditation (In Person)

Terms and Conditions:
– The package is not refundable or transferable.
– Each person is entitled to only one purchase.
– The package must be utilised within 6 months from the purchase date.

Life Changing Bundle (via Virtual)

$S 398
  • 3x Mindfulness Sound Meditation (via Virtual)
  • 1x Special Made Music/Sound Therapy track (Mp3)

Terms and Conditions:
– The package is not refundable or transferable.
– Each person is entitled to only one purchase.
– The package must be utilised within 6 months from the purchase date.

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