SUPERLife Changing Package
(8 sessions- 2 months intensive program)

This is the ONE, the ONLY, the SUPERLife Changing Package—an experience so unique, so extraordinary, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Included in this Premium Holistic Health program are:

  1. QRMA Health Scan Spectacle: The QRMA Health Scan isn’t just a scan—it’s a star-studded journey into the epicenter of your health. Uncover the root cause, reverse your health to vitality, and let the countdown to your SUPERLife begin!


  2. 52-Item Health Check Report (Your Personal Cosmic Map): Dive into the depths of your wellbeing with a comprehensive 52-item health check report. More than just a report, it serves as your personal health map, guiding you through the constellations of your overall health. Covering organ function, vitamins and minerals, the endocrine system, toxins and allergies, and male and female reproduction, this report provides a detailed and accurate snapshot of your holistic health.


  3. Report Analysis + Personalized Healing Plan: Personalized Prescriptions for Prevention and Reversal: Receive a customized prescription based on your unique health profile. Our QRMA Scan Package empowers individuals to take proactive steps in preventing and even reversing chronic illnesses and pain, addressing health concerns at their core.


  4. 7X 1-to-1 Sound Therapy Session (60mins): These are seven individual 60-minute sound therapy sessions. Our certified sound therapist will guide you through a personalized therapy journey. With a focus on improving your overall condition, our comprehensive approach to care and therapy aims to rapidly reverse symptoms so you can walk your path to wellness with renewed confidence.


  5. 3 months of 21-days Therapeutic Frequency Juice Program: Revitalize yourself in just 3 months with our Therapeutic Frequency Juice Program. Detoxify, reduce inflammation and eliminate root causes with QMRA scans. Indulge in premium, cold-pressed juices tailored specifically to your needs for a rapid and energizing transformation.

  6. *Complimentary Therapeutic soundtrack by Michele Chong: A soundtrack nicely crafted by Michele who is also a sound engineer and producer with a profound understanding of the science of sound frequencies, has lent her expertise to the creation of an aural masterpiece. Allow these harmonic vibrations to weave a tapestry of tranquility that permeates your entire being. Allow the healing melodies to align your mind, invigorate your body and harmonize your soul with a rhythm that transcends the ordinary.

*Only for selected case after review

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