Sound Therapy for Deep Healing

Achieve deep physical and emotional pain relief 

Welcome to our Sound Therapy for Deep Healing program, where we combine professional guidance with the healing properties of sound therapy to help you achieve profound physical and emotional pain relief. Our sessions are designed such that you have a different theme each month, targeted specifically to support recovery from pain and illness, boost your energy and motivation, and guide you on a path of personal growth.

Why Participate in Our Group Sessions?

  • Boost Your Energy and Motivation: Experience a surge in your energy levels and renewed motivation through expertly guided sessions that support your recovery from pain and illness.

  • Artistic and Scientific Sound Bath: Immerse yourself in an artistic and scientific sound bath that balances your biofield, provides emotional relaxation, and promotes crucial clarity.

  • Personal Growth: Each session is meticulously crafted to enhance your personal growth, helping you overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

  • Exclusive Community: Join an exclusive group where you can receive updates and connect with like-minded individuals in an environment of mutual respect and personal growth.

Session Highlights

  • Personalized Healing in a Group Setting: Enjoy the benefits of personal 1:1 healing within a collective group environment. Each group is limited to 15 participants, ensuring a personalized experience for everyone (first come, first served).

  • Quarterly Themes: Every quarter, we introduce a unique theme to guide you on your personal healing journey, providing fresh insights and techniques tailored to your needs.

  • Carefully Selected Sound Therapy Techniques: Our sound therapy techniques are chosen with precision to enhance your overall well-being, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

Join us in our Sound Therapy for Deep Healing program to experience a holistic approach to achieving deep physical and emotional pain relief, supported by professional guidance and the therapeutic power of sound. Embrace this opportunity to connect with a community of individuals dedicated to mutual respect and personal development.

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Our First Theme: Heal Your Heart!

Our first theme for the Sound Therapy for Deep Healing program is Heal Your Heart!

Over the years, our hearts endure various forms of injury, both physical and emotional. Because we cannot see these wounds, we often neglect to treat our hearts—the center of our well-being. These buried injuries can manifest and eventually affect our overall health and quality of life.

Take this opportunity to focus on what is so vital and yet so often neglected: our hearts. Through this session, you will address the deep-seated issues that impact your heart’s health and embark on a path to healing and renewal.

Join us and start your journey to healing your heart today!


12th July, 16th August, 30th August, 13th September, 27th September, 11th October, 25th October


8pm- 9pm


Habyt Cantonment Wellness Studio (150 Cantonment Road – Tanjong Pagar MRT)

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