The Sirius Sound

Therapeutic sound therapy group session

Achieving deep physical & emotional pain relief and healing

The beginning of a new opportunity for deeper healing and personal growth.

A different theme has been developed for each 3-month journey to make the therapeutic and learning journey more insightful and effective by covering the physical, the physiological (emotions) and the metaphysical (quantum science) realms and how the connection between these 3 realms affects our lives!

To fully engage in the transformative journey, we recommend coming fortnightly for the most profound effect on your physical, emotional and mental state.

Objective of the Therapeutic Group Sound Therapy:

Targeted therapy for synchronization: experience therapy aimed at harmonizing your body, emotions and mind.

What will you get? 

  • Get the effects similar to a 1-1 session, but in the collective energy of a group(Each group is up to 15 people only, first come first served)

  • Increase your energy and motivation and support recovery from pain and illness with professional guidance

  • Engage in a art and scientific sound bath that balances your biofield, provides emotional release and promotes crucial clarity

  • You will be in our exclusive group to receive updates and connect with like-minded individuals in a marketing-free environment committed to mutual respect and personal growth 

Why fortnightly Therapeutic Sound Therapy?

Attending fortnightly sound therapy sessions offers a variety of scientifically proven benefits that can significantly improve your overall wellbeing.

  1. Regular sessions help to maintain a stable state of attunement to your body’s natural rhythms, which can improve your ability to manage stress and maintain your emotional balance. The vibrations can help reduce the perception of pain, promote relaxation and lower stress-related hormones such as cortisol.

  2. The rhythmic nature of sound therapy has been shown to influence brain wave patterns, promoting states of relaxation and alertness that can improve concentration, creativity and cognitive function.

  3. Regular sessions help to establish a routine that signals the body to prepare for a good night’s rest, which can be beneficial for people with insomnia or sleep disorders.

  4. Weekly or Fortnightly sound therapy provides a space for emotional relaxation and processing and can therefore contribute to emotional stability and the healing of emotional trauma. The vibrations of sound therapy can influence cellular function through the concept of resonance, which can contribute to the recovery and rejuvenation of the body’s cells.

  5. Regular sound therapy sessions can contribute to a stronger immune system by reducing stress.

  6. Weekly or fortnightly sessions ensure continuous alignment of the physical, emotional and mental dimensions, which is essential for holistic health.

  7. Regular attendance creates a sense of community with other participants and provides emotional support that can contribute to mental well-being.

  8. Each session is led by professionals, providing you with consistent support on your healing journey and ensuring that your practice evolves and remains effective.

Since we know everyone has a busy schedule, you are welcome to attend and recharge at least once a month or anytime you have time!

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Our FIRST theme for the Therapeutic Group Sound Therapy is Heal Your Heart!

Over the years our heart has suffered various forms of injury, both on a physical and physiological level. Since we cannot see our heart, many neglect to treat the heart, the center of our well-being, along with the physical condition as well. The buried injuries then manifest and eventually affect our well-being and our lives in general.

Take this opportunity to address exactly what is so important to us and what we so often neglect: OUR HEART.

Special offer: New Launch Promo 3-month package

Take advantage of our special offer of S$269 for 6 sessions over 3 months – a significant saving from the original price of S$300 until stock lasts. 

Package of 6: S$266 (U.P S$300)

Single session: S$55 (U.P S$60)
Package of 4: S$209 (U.P S$240)

Each package is only valid for 3 months. Any absence of a session from the package caused by urgent matters, postponements or changes must be reported by e-mail to [email protected]. The postponement of a session will be decided on a case-by-case basis after evaluation.


12th April 24,  26th April 24, 10th May 24,

24th May 24, 14th June 24, 28th June 24,

12th July 24, 26th July 24


8pm- 9pm


Habyt Cantonment Wellness Studio (150 Cantonment Road – Tanjong Pagar MRT)

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